Hair Colour

AVEDA FULL SPECTRUM coloring combines hair in a natural derivative formula from 97% to 99%, which protects them and makes them bright with sunflower, ricin and jojoba oils.

FULL SPECTRUM uses patented technology with green tea extracts to assure the ultimate naturalness of the result.
Semi-Permanent Color 45€

Permanent Color 39€

Hair Gloss 24€

Fashion Color from 49€ to 90€

Partial Belaige 39€

Belaige from 44€ to 78€

Meches Classic from 44€ to 79€

clasping with

foil technique

Meches Bicolor from 55€ to 90€

double staining

with foil technique from 45€ to 78€


classical ripple; creating curls

and volume with a classic method from 45€ to 70€


to increase global volume

of the hair with a

moves sweet and natural from 45€ to 70€

Anti-stressing conditioning treatment

For the woman who loves her straight hair,

it eliminates volume and frizz from 70€ to 120€

Stirring of strings

to change the shape from 35€ to 65€

Keratin Treatment per gram, 4€

Hair cut & styling

Our philosophy is to personalize creativity. Using your needs as a starting point, our team of designers will conceive a look that will please you and your lifestyle.

All appointments include a preventive personalized consultation, sensory journey and anti-stress massage.


Cut 27€

Bend from 22€ to 29€

included shampoo and conditioner

Change Look quote on request

Partial Cut

resuming partial shape on an area

of hair with cleansing of

bases and neck on a cut outline 18€

Cutting Girls (0/8 years) 13€

Teen Cutting (8/16 years) 18€

Teenager blend (8/16 yaers) 13€

Bend to curlers

traditional bend with helmet curlers

with final processing at phon 17€

Prestayling AVEDA

integration of active ingredients AVEDA

specific pre-bend 3€

Shampoo 2€

Conditioner 3€

Treatmeant Hair SPA from 10€ to 25€


Cut *28€

Children Cut (0/8 years) 13€

Teen Cutting (8/16 years) 19€

Conditioner 3€

Shampoo 2€

*Shampoo included


For dehydrated and dry hair. It penetrates into the hair by improving its silkiness or hydration up to 63%.
Its ingredients are:
buried oil, macadamia and pomegranate, relaxing palm rose aromas, ylang ylang and pink geranium.


Treatment with deep repair for damaged and heavily damaged hair, it returns softness and silence. Formulated with Quinoa proteins, Tamanu oil, coconut and babassu and olive oil extract.


Total hair regeneration treatment thanks to the blend of vegetable protein, oats and wheat and PG hydrolysed protein.
All hair-sensitized or heavily damaged parts are returned to the "original" structure.

*excluding bend

Aveda Waxing

Eyebrows 8€

Lips 5€

Lips + Eyebrows 10€

Eyebrow Coloring 8€

Aveda Treatment

Manicure 15€

Make Up

Enhance your face. We will truce you and teach you how to do it
Switch to natural makeup, safe for your face because it lacks petrochemicals

The makeup of Aveda, besides highlighting the natural beauty of every woman, takes care of the skin. Perfection from plants thanks to antioxidants, emulsifiers, waxes and natural oils.
Authentic shades, beautiful shades to light the brightness on your face, eyes, cheeks and lips.

You will have the opportunity to experience it through our Ritual Finishing Touch.

40 minutes | from 25€ to 50€

Men's Services

Exfoliating Shampoo

Exfoliate carefully and delicately the scalp with the new Pure-Formance Exfolianting Shampoo. This treatment prevents itching, dandruff, redness, irritation and at the same time eliminates dead cells by revealing a healthy skin. During the shampoo, a head massage and head resting massage will be performed.
15 minutes | 10€

Men Manicure

Aesthetic treatment for keeping your hands and nails in shape and perfectly hydrated. The manicure will be completed with a massage on Ayurvedic hands using Pure-Formance Composition

20 minutes | 16€

Anti-Stress Cute

An anti-stress massage on a comfortable armchair.
While the stylist performs a relaxing and re-balancing massage on the scalp with Pure-Formance Composition, we will place under the nape a warm wiped towel to make this experience even more enveloping.

15 minutes | 16€

Relaxing Hair Pack

A moisturizing wave for hair and skin. Healing package with Pure-Formance Conditioner with anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. A warm and flavored wrap with Pure-Formance Composition will make the laying time even more enjoyable.

15 minutes | 16€

Hair Gloss

Even today man can turn on the brightness of the hair thanks to our non-permanent lucid treatment. The essential 99% natural sunflower and jojoba oils light up and repair. Shampoo and drying included.

30 minutes | 18€

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